Sod Installation Service St. Charles

Landscaping Design Services

Utilizing our sod installation service, your home or business can receive an instantly beautiful lawn that can last years into the future. Bright Green Landscapes is well suited for any size new lawn or sod installation, whether it is commercial or residential. Our sod installation process has been perfected with no short-cuts in installation to ensure you have the healthy lawn you have been missing in St. Charles.

Sod installation must be done correctly to insure there are no bumps in your lawn, healthy soil and well rooted sod.  Here are some additional points that we find important.

  • Utility lines will be clearly marked prior to unsure the safety of your family and crew.
  • We will remove any existing sod and all rocks or weeds to prep the site.
  • We will rototill and any topsoil or soil additives we have selected for your job will be installed. Soil preparation and grading are the most important steps to a quality installation.

Now that we have prepared your site, our experienced team will get to work laying the sod.  We always place our sod tight up against each piece.  Once the sod is down every yard is rolled with our weighted sod roller to ensure all air pockets are pushed out and the sod adheres to the soil.

After completion of the installation, we will do a final walkthrough to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction. We will also help educate you on how to care for your new, lush lawn.

In St. Charles and surrounding communities, Bright Green Landscapes is the experts in sod and new lawn installations. Call us today for a free estimate!