Winter time means cold weather, snow, sleet, and ice. For our clients Snow Removal Lake In The Hills  likes to make the winter months as easy and stress free as possible. Sit back and keep warm inside by the fire while we take care of your snow removal needs. All of our drivers are on call 24/7 during predicted snowfalls and windstorms to be sure that we are on the job when you need us most.

Snow Removal Lake In The Hills

  • Plowing and salting of commercial lots
  • Plowing and salting of HOAs
  • Hand shoveling of sidewalks and walkways
  • Hand salting of sidewalks and walkways

Various Billing Options:

  • Seasonal Flat Rate (per snow)
  • Per Application (time + materials)

Your safety and your customer’s safety is our number one concern. We will work for you all season long to ensure a safe, stress free winter.

Storms hit at all hours, which is whySnow Removal Lake In The Hills  offers full service, 24-hour snow and ice removal. With more than 100 pieces of snow removal equipment and a team of snow removal experts, we are prepared to cut wintertime travel challenges down to size and let you get through the storm effortlessly.

We are always one step ahead of the weather, tracking storms minute-by-minute and we operate a full-maintenance facility with full-time mechanics on call at all times. This guarantees that we are always ready for the snow before it falls and can get your roads, driveways, parking lots and walkways plowed as quickly as possible—24 hours a day.

Snow Removal Lake In The Hills  drivers operate trucks, snowplows, salters, loaders and tractors with safety and precision and are accessible by phone, pager and radio around the clock.

For commercial clients interested in documentation supporting their snow removal program, Snow Removal Lake In The Hills   provides detailed snow removal maintenance records detailing weather conditions and services provided.

If you get caught without a snow removal plan or have a small but important area that needs to be cleared, stop into our retail store for bulk salt, bagged salt chloride, spreaders and shovels.