A wall retaining wall can give your landscape a stunning makeover while simultaneously helping with erosion and water drainage. Stackable stones can create a decorative finish to any landscaping project.

Retaining walls in St. Charles are useful additions to help with erosion when applied to an elevation change to prevent soil from sliding. Retaining walls confine soil that would slide away from the landscape if the retaining wall was not present.

To form a retaining wall, a trench is dug where the wall will be built so the first course of blocks has a secure foundation. The blocks are then stacked upon each other to begin to build the wall. The stones fit snugly together with the blocks on either side and the blocks below to create a powerful barrier to withstand pressure over time.

There are many different styles of retaining walls that include stone toppers to give the wall a completed look. Building a retaining wall in St. Charles is best suited for a professional retaining wall installation company in St. Charles like Bright Green Landscapes.