Lawn Care South Elgin IL


1)  Lawn Care South Elgin IL offers bi-weekly Weed Control Program for our customers.   We do a combination of pulling and spraying weeds for clean, weed-free mulch beds.

2)  Weed removal is done by a combination of cutting and pulling.  Removing and killing weeds is better when done before mulch installation to reduce maintenance for the rest of the year.

Lawn Care South Elgin IL quotes weed removal separate from pre-emergent because some customers prefer to use their own product and do this work themselves.  Our pre-emergent helps to prevent seeds from weeds germinating in the beds and our commercial product lasts approximately 6 months if the beds are not disturbed by children playing, animals, and digging.  No product can totally eliminate weeds without harming the plants in your beds. We strongly recommend our pre-emergent application.

Lawn Care South Elgin IL will take care of any new weeds over the next few weeks for you when we do both the bed preparation with weed removal and our pre-emergent application when installing your mulch.

What You Can Expect

• People you can relate to: Have a problem? Any Lawn Care South Elgin IL employee will be happy to help you, just look for the green shirts!

• Professional & Clean image: You can expect the cleanest trucks and the friendliest workers in town. All workers are in uniform while on your property, and there is absolutely no smoking or swearing.

• Grade-A Quality: You can always rely on a professional, high quality level of service matched equally with an unparalleled degree of motivation to achieve your utmost satisfaction.

• Billing with ease: Easy to read monthly invoices are mailed or emailed directly to you and can make payments online, in person, or over the phone with your credit card. Of course, you can always mail a check in too.

• Pay nothing up front!: With Lawn Care South Elgin IL, there is never any obligation – you may cancel at anytime.