Lawn Care Pingree Grove IL

Lawn Care Pingree Grove IL provides a 5 step high quality Lawn Care Pingree Grove IL program that consists of both liquid and dry organic-based fertilizers especially formulated for our area. Also included are the necessary crabgrass and broadleaf weed controls to help keep your lawn healthy and weed free. Due to the fact that not all lawns experience insect problems, we feel that it is both environmentally and economically sound to apply insecticides on an as needed basis. If your lawn has had insect problems in the past we can apply preventative insecticides to protect your lawn.

Lawn Care Pingree Grove IL Standard 5 Step Program:

Early Spring – Balanced 50% slow release organic-based fertilizer, crabgrass preventative and spot weed control.

Mid-Spring – Balanced 50% slow release organic-based fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.

Summer – Balanced 100% slow release organic-based fertilizer spot weed control.

Early Fall – Balanced 50% slow release organic-based fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.

Late Fall – Organic-based fertilizer and heavy winter feeding.

*If you desire we can create a custom program just for you.

Are you tired of spending each of your weekends or other time off doing lawn maintenance? So many communities and neighborhoods now have lawn care restrictions or strict covenants that people often feel as though they have to be a slave to their yards or risk getting notices or even fined by their communities. You can get some of your very valuable free time back by letting us take care of the Lawn Care Pingree Grove IL maintenance for you. We offer a wide variety of maintenance services which you can choose from.