Lawn Care Lake in the Hills IL


Lawn Care Lake in the Hills IL.

Over 100 years combined professional mowing experience means Lawn Care Lake in the Hills IL. understands the delicacy and importance of proper mowing heights, daily sharpened and balanced blades, bagging if necessary or clippings mulched if requested.  Proper trimming around buildings, fencelines, trees, and landscape beds is provided each mowing.  Edging sidewalks, drives, patios and curblines are performed every other week.  We use gas powered blowers to then clean off pavements, sidewalks, patios and curblines.  During a hot, droughty Summer season we typically reduce mowings due to dryness, especially if the turf is not irrigated.  We also raise the mowing height to help ensure your lawn stays healthy and green during the Summer months.


Lawn Care Lake in the Hills IL Crabgrass Prevention:

In order to have a beautiful lawn, you must focus on the very first and serious invader of your lawn every spring.  This common weed can detract from your turfgrass health and beauty if left untreated.  With proper treatments and good lawn care habits, crabgrass can be kept under control!  Pre-emergents are proven very effective when applied at a proper rate of application and proper timing of the season.  It is very important to perform a spring clean-up, digging or any disruption throughout your turf prior to the pre-emergent application. The pre-emergent forms a chemical barrier throughout the top inch of your treated turf, thus the crabgrass seeds have a difficult time germinating.  Every crabgrass plant has the ability to release thousands of seeds, some seeds blow into your lawn, others are tracked into your lawn and sometimes wait until next year to germinate.

• Our goal is to thicken your turf and shrink any voids of dirt within your lawn to zero. In other words, a thick, lush, emerald green and resilient lawn is our goal for you!

• Free analysis & estimate with no obligation.


Lawn Care Lake in the Hills IL – BENEFITS OF CORE AERATION

Over time your turf naturally becomes compacted,  as a result the sub-soil will be undesirable for a healthy lawn.  Activities such as mowing, running, walking, and watering contribute to this compacting factor, which will reduce air space within the soil for roots to grow freely.  Also, compacting soil will cause unnecessary runoff of water and nutrients.  Fertilizers will have a hard time finding it’s target, the roots!  Water will tend to roll off the surface and puddle rather than naturally leaching through freely to feed those all important roots.  Proper air gaps and loose soil allows roots to thrive, move and grow.  All of these factors are necessary to obtain a healthy, resilient, thick, emerald green lush lawn.Lawn Care Lake in the Hills IL