Lawn Care Dundee IL

Lawn Care Dundee IL- The end of March to Mid April we apply a Crabgrass Preventer with Fertilizer. Crabgrass is an annual plant, meaning it starts over from seed every year. Crabgrass Preventer is designed to prevent seeds from germinating. This affects most seeds, which will also help control other weeds.

In May a Broad-Leaf Weed Killer W/Fertilizer is applied to your lawn. Broad leaf weeds are dandelions, lawn ivy, thistle and hundreds of other plants with non-grass like leaf structure. This application must be done when the grass is wet. The dry chemical used to kill these weeds must stick to the leaves to work. It also must be allowed to stay on them for at least 6 hours. Timing is extremely important.Lawn Care Dundee IL

The Broad-Leaf Weed Killer W/Fertilizer is also applied in early July and September. The July application can be the most dangerous application because the fertilizer should not be allowed to sit on grass for more than 72 hours. If it is left longer than 3 days it can kill the grass by burning it. In 2005, lawns that were not on irrigation systems or being watered regularly should not have been fertilized. If we have similar conditions as that year, you will be contacted by us to work out the best solution for your lawn. In some cases omitting this application is best and you will not be charged for it. Lawn Care Dundee IL

In mid-November to early December we apply a High Nitrogen Fertilizer . Nitrogen is the main food source for grass and helps it get ready for going dormant over the winter. In most cases we do not use a weed killer in this application because the first frost will kill most weeds. The smaller amount of chemicals we apply is better for you and the environment.

Lawn Care Dundee IL is committed to providing you with all of your lawn care needs. Timing can be everything with Fertilizer and Weed Control Programs, and we will work with you to communicate any extra-care needs for your lawn.