Lawn Aerating Services in Elgin, IL

If you’re like many homeowners, your property is a source of pride. You appreciate a well-maintained exterior, and part of that exterior is a beautiful, lush lawn. Growing and maintaining the greenest, thickest lawn on the block means more than mowing — it also means regular fertilizing, watering, seeding and aerating. Bright Green Landscapes specializes in lawn aeration for Illinois homes in the Elgin, IL area.

What to Know About Aerating Your Lawn

As your grass grows and ages, the roots, and soil become compacted. This compaction prevents the root system from receiving the nutrition it needs. When the root system fails, so does your grass — and that leads to dying grass, thatch and unsightly brown spots. With regular access to water, fertilizer, and air, the soil stays loose and roots stay healthy. Lawn aeration assures water, air and fertilizer reach the root system of your grass.

At Bright Green Landscapes, we will use specialized equipment that penetrates your lawn — no matter how thick — so your soil gets access to the vital nutrients it needs to grow lushly and beautifully. This is especially important if your lawn doubles as a playground, you have pets, or your lawn is a high-traffic area. The more traveled your lawn is, the more soil compaction it has.

You should also consider aerating your lawn if your home is new construction. That’s because the heavy foot traffic associated with construction work compacts soil quickly. Sodded lawns and lawns that dry out quickly are also good candidates for regular aeration.