Landscaping Maintenance

Bright Green Landscapes is a full-service landscaping company that serves Elgin, St.Charles, Bartlett, West Dundee, Lake in the hills, Carpentersville, Algonquin, Huntley, Hampshire & Gilberts IL. To request a Free Quote, please fill out our estimate form or give us a call at 847-344-4656.

Landscaping MaintenanceAs a leading provider of landscape maintenance in the area, we guarantee we will provide you with top notch quality service. We specialize in residential properties and have grown accustomed to working with our customers closely and fulfilling their desires and needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the best landscaping maintenance services at affordable rates.

Our landscape maintenance services offer our customers a chance to sit back and relax. With our properly trained crew members, you can rest assure that we will properly trim your bushes and get rid of those unwanted weeds.

Maintenance Services

  • Seasonal Clean Ups
  • Bush Trimming
  • Weed Removal
  • Mulch Installation
  • Decorative Stone Installation
  • Landscape Fabric Installation
  • Bed Edging
  • Garden Tilling

In addition, we also provide a wide variety other services including weekly mowing, fertilization, weed control and landscape installation services including patios, retaining walls, flower beds and landscape designs.

We achieve high quality results by providing you with the best available products on the market. We guarantee you have not had interaction with a landscaping company like us. We would love the opportunity to provide you with a free estimate if you’re interested in any of our landscaping services. Feel free to contact us at 847-344-4656 or fill out our estimate request form and we’ll be in contact with you shortly.

Description of Landscaping Maintenance Services

Flower Bed Maintenance Services
We can create a flowerbed maintenance program that best suits your needs. If you are an existing mowing customer, we can add the flower bed maintenance services to your weekly service. If you are not currently using us for weekly lawn mowing, we can create a flower bed maintenance program weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Regular routine bed maintenance is recommended to stay on top of all those unwanted weeds. It’s cost efficient, and keeps your flower beds looking great all season long.

Clean Up
Has your lawn become cluttered with debris, dead leaves, or other types of refuse? Bright Green Landscapes can come in to perform a clean up of your property. Whether you’re in need of a spring/summer/fall clean up, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to all those unwanted weeds in your landscape beds. Our crews are meticulous and we guarantee your yard will look fantastic after we complete our clean up services. For more information, please visit our clean up page for more details.

Bush Trimming
If you need your bushes and hedges to look perfectly manicured, call us as soon as possible. We’ll have your greenery look fit for royalty in no time! Our expert bush trimming services will maintain the health of your bushes and/or shrubbery and eliminate over-growth that can detract from the natural beauty of your landscape. We will professionally trim all bushes/shrubs to give a crisp and clean landscape appeal. If you have any unwanted shrubs you would like removed, we can assist you in this as well. Maintaining your bushes can be quite a challenge if you don’t have the right equipment for the job. We invest in the best equipment to give you crisp, clean, bush trimming every time. Our staff is fully trained on how to trim all varieties of shrubs. We recommend trimming your bushes at least two times per season to maintain a healthy, well-manicured look all season long.

Bed Edging
Bed edging is a great way to separate your landscape beds from your turf areas. We are known for having the best bed edging around! Our crews will edge all beds by hand and give you a nice 3-4” trench (not 1-2” like our competitors) around all your landscape beds and tree rings. Our deeper edge not only eliminates grass from growing into the bed but prevents mulch or stone from entering the turf areas. Bed edging will also give your home great curb appeal with our nice straight lines and curvature.

Mulch Installation
Installing mulch in flower beds and tree rings reduces the need of flower bed maintenance. Mulch also helps retain the moisture needed to maintain healthy shrubs and plants. Bright Green Landscapes will install various types of mulch from regular brown hardwood, premium shredded hardwood fines, cedar, black, red, and even playground certified mulch. Prior to mulch installation, we can apply Preen to your beds which prevents weeds for up to 3 months. We can also install a contractor grade landscape fabric to prevent weeds up to 5 years. Installing fresh mulch to your landscape beds every year will increase curb appeal, hold down the weeds, and provide moisture for your plants root systems. We install our mulch at 3” thick compared to other companies that normally apply 1-2”. For more information about our mulching services, please visit our mulch installation & delivery page.

Decorative Stone Installation
If you’re interested in adding decorative stone to your landscape beds instead of mulch, we can help. We have a variety colors and sizes for you to choose from. Before installation, we recommend laying a commercial grade landscape fabric to prevent weeds. Although there are more benefits to using mulch, decorative stone is great for landscape beds, along driveways, around pools and mailboxes.

Sod & Seed
Whether you’re in a new construction home and need sod installed, or you have a few bare areas that need to be rejuvenated, we’ve got you covered. All of our sod is locally grown and cut fresh daily. We will prepare the area, grade, and install the sod ALL IN ONE DAY. If you are interested in repairing your lawn with seed, we offer that service as well. We carry a variety of different quality blends of grass seed to ensure we match your existing lawn. For more information about our sod & seed installations, please visit our lawn installation page for more details.

French Drains
Are you having water problems due to your gutters downspouts and/or sump pump? We will come by to evaluate your yard and develop a plan for you. French drains are a great way to direct water away from your home and release the water in a better place on your property. We use high quality PVC piping and fittings to ensure you will never have to deal with your water problem again. For more information about our french draininstallations, please visit our french drain page for more details.

Pressure Washing
Pressure washing patios, walkways, decks and driveways is recommended every 3 years. Get rid of those unwanted stains, moss, weeds, tree sap from your investments. Have us come by and you’ll be amazed by the results.

Gutter Cleaning
We can also schedule routine maintenance for gutter cleaning if you live in a heavily shaded area. Doing a simple gutter cleaning once or twice a year is highly recommended to make sure your gutters are clear all year round.

If you are interested in a quote or would like to receive more information about our landscaping maintenance services, feel free to contact us at 847-344-4656 or fill out the Free estimate form. We would love the opportunity to work with you and show you why Bright Green Landscapes is the best landscaping company in Elgin, IL and surrounding areas.