Landscape Design St. Charles

Landscaping Design Services

Are you wondering where to start with your Landscape Design project in St. Charles? Let Bright Green Landscapes create a beautiful design to address a specific need or an entire master plan that integrates all your landscape ideas. Working with one of our expert designers will guarantee that you receive an exceptional landscape that will enhance the value of your property and make the design process easy from start to installation.

Developing a commercial property in St. Charles? Bright Green Landscapes offers a ful

l range of design services from initial site planning to detailed landscape plans for even the largest properties.

The Design Process

Initial phone call from the designer

On our first phone call, we will schedule a time to meet at you at your home. Our designer in St. Charles will also ask you some questions to better understand your needs, objectives and the complete scope of what you want to accomplish with your new landscape.

Our First Meeting

Our experienced designer will come to walk your property and ask some additional questions while taking notes that we will use to develop your design. We will discuss your anticipated budget while acquiring measurements and possibly photographs that help us facilitate creating an accurate and complete design plan.

Our Proposal

Based on the complexity of your design, our expert may be able to draw the plan while still at the property or it may take several days to complete. We will present a scaled drawing showing the type of plants, locations of the plants and other landscape features that may be included. This plan will either be sent or dropped off to you. Once you’ve had an opportunity to review the plan, we will be available to answer any questions you might have. We can make applicable revisions to get to our desired landscape design and get scheduled for your landscape installation in St. Charles