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Grub Control

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If you start to notice any dead brown spots on your property there’s a good chance it’s grubs. Grubs are the most serious and destructive lawn insect pest in Illinois. Grubs are typically white in color, with a characteristic “C” shape body when found in the soil feeding on lawn roots. Grubs are the larval stage of beetles.

The most common grub species in our area is the larval stage of the Japanese Beetle. Eggs are laid in the soil in mid-summer, primarily on well-watered lawns in full sun, often near pavement. Damage from grubs typically starts in mid August and may continue until early October. Adult Japanese beetles are serious defoliators of many ornamental plants. If grubs are present, apply grub control to all your turf areas. This should be done early to mid June.
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Lawn Maintenance

With the summer heat approaching, you’ll notice the grass start to slow down. During the hot, dry periods, you may only need to mow once every two weeks. Raise the height of your mower to three inches to help shade the root system to prevent burning.

If you would like a bright green lawn during the summer months, give your lawn about one inch of water per week. This will help maintain healthy grass growth and also maintain that nice green color we all love.

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Need Assistance?

Here at Bright Green Landscapes we know it’s difficult to keep up with a well manicured lawn. It would be an honor for us to come by for a free quote to help you with your lawn care or landscape needs. Feel free to contact us whenever your ready (847) 344-4656. Bright Green Landscapes provides professional lawn care and landscaping services in Elgin,IL and surrounding areas.