Lawn Care Services

We at Bright Green Landscapes Inc. can maintain your property throughout the seasons, through our complete property maintenancev pic 6 service offers. Our range of services include professional lawn mowing, mulch installation, spring and fall clean ups, flower bed maintenance, fertilizer, and bush trimming

If you would like us to focus on lawn mowing, you can be sure ours is the best in the entire Elgin, Illinois & surrounding areas. We will regularly mow your lawn in a different direction in order to prevent turf damage. For the same purpose, we take care to properly maintain our mowers. In fact, we sharpen our blades every day to ensure you always receive the best quality cut possible.  We know all too well that a dull blade can tear the grass rather than cut it precisely. After your lawn has been mowed we also trim around all obstacles such as trees, flower beds, sidewalks, and driveways and take special care to leave your property clean by blowing the grass trimmings off  sidewalks, driveways, decks and patios.

We also offer mulching services that include a wide variety of different types of mulch and compost.  Mulching is recommended since it reduces weeds in flower beds and helps the soil retain the water needed to feed plants and bushes.  

We are also qualified to provide expert bush trimming services.  A properly maintained bush or shrub helps to maintain its health and can greatly contribute to the beauty of your landscape.

If you are interested flower bed maintenance we will set up a plan to suit your individual needs- weekly,bi-weekly, or monthly.

Professional Services That Help Your Lawn Thrive

Bright Green Landscapes Inc. also applies various methods to help lawns thrive. We offer a five-step fertilization program, which includes crab grass preventer, weed control, fertilizer and winterization. This treatment is repeated once every six weeks. After each application, we will provide you with detailed information about the treatment and will keep you updated if we see any issues along the way. We also offer professional treatments for keeping pests off your lawn..

Lawn Care Services